For Adi Dassler, it all started with a dream of shoes. Shoes to play in. Shoes to play better in. Shoes to win in. Shoes so original and so perfect that athletes from all over the world seek them.

Shoes that, one day, would tread Wembley and Wimbledon, win medals at the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup™. Shoes that athletes would break records in.
This passion, authenticity, innovation, inspiration, honesty and commitment – that is what adidas means to us. But above all, it is what made Adi Dassler’s idea and principle of “no athlete left behind” come to life on the biggest sports stages around the world.
As Adi indulged his passion for sport and for innovation, he created a brand as great as any in the world. An unlikely story, but not impossible. Impossible is Nothing.